The Leona Wood Book of Paintings

Leona Wood is the first publication to present a comprehensive overview of the artist's work. Over 40 full-color, high-resolution images provide a representative selection of her styles and subjects. (Some examples are on the right.) Included are many paintings from her private collection that have never been exhibited or reproduced.

Born and raised in Washington state, Wood's developing aesthetic was strongly influenced by Japanese and Pacific Northwest art. She was later inspired by the works of Balthus, de Chirico, Goya, and Ingres.

Leona Wood's paintings exhibit astonishing technical ability and artistic sensitivity. Of her still lifes, well known California critic Arthur Millier wrote, "We marvel as our eyes follow the turning of a form from its most brightly lighted surface until it is almost lost in its darker envelope. No accidents in line, color, or texture are tolerated. Here are the pleasures of the slow-moving eye, neglected in our speedy age, and the craftsmanship to reveal them." (Quoted in American Artist, Dec 1958)

Softcover, 48 pages
ISBN: 1-4243-2156-8

Leona Wood book cover Melons Gossip Bishop of Hippo Bather in the Moonlight Masqueraders Girl with the Paisley Shawl